Othman Khamlichi has climbed his way up over the past years, and he is now a well respected artist. He began his journey in Morocco, where he started working on his skills as a fashion professional. He got his degree in literature, and afterwards he went to Fashion’s Art in Tangiers. Then he headed to Amsterdam to study Fashion Design at the renowned Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). During his study, he already was designing clothes. Furthermore, he was curious about different aspects of the fashion business, that he decided to learn about make-up, hair and styling. He also did model coaching for Elite Model Look and was a product specialist at high-end fashion departments at the Bijenkorf. Later he had the desire to focus more on styling, and he started to do editorials and personal styling. This is now his main goal. What he likes to do most, is creating interesting, sometimes odd, yet fashionable images. Other than styling, he is also working on his own brand (evening gowns).


Personal Styling
Carolien Spoor
Evelien de Bruijn

Shows (Model Coaching & Backstage Management)
Elite Model Look 2014
Elite Model Look 2015
Samer Khozami seminar